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Beauty is not only your appearance; it’s exploring and developing your attributes!!

Pageant Training

Many of the women today want to try their hands on pageants. Right from Miss India, Miss International, Miss Bangalore, or even the national and international platforms for Mrs. India, etc. the country is brimming with aspirants. But aspirants have to remember one thing that being in this field requires the right amount of training in how to walk the ramp? How to face the crowd and the judges? How to answer the questions probed by the judges? Get trained to do your best for the main event with confidence and full capacity. You should be aware that you’re the focus of the show and your walk, expressions, dressing, how you speak are watched by the audience. Pageant training helps you in overcoming the fear and pressure, and to win the show with your aura and credence.


One more feather in the cap for our nation as Harnaz Sandhu was crowned the 2021 Miss Universe. Why do you think she won the crown amongst 80 aspirant...

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Without colors life would have been black and white. Colors have added brightness to what we see, what we wear, reflects our personality, and add a ti...

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Jewelry is a fashion accessory that completes your dressing or outfit. Any outfit be it western or traditional, complementing with the jewelry enhance...

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Etiquette is a set of rules that needs to be implied when you are talking, eating, dealing with clients, team members, or even traveling. It is a way ...

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For every pageant aspirant, it is important to know the true essence of style. Style is how you create that wow factor with your appearance, your dres...

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