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One more feather in the cap for our nation as Harnaz Sandhu was crowned the 2021 Miss Universe. Why do you think she won the crown amongst 80 aspirants? Was it only for looks, dressing sense, etc.? Though she had won millions of hearts with her poise, it was the way she confidently answered the questions put across by the eminent judges that made her win the crowning glory. For every pageant aspirant, it is important to know the true essence of winning. Pageant training is how you create that wow factor with your appearance, your dressing sense, colors you choose, styles you select as per the occasion or event, the way you speak, and how you carry yourself with confidence.


Aspirants need to get trained for pageants to learn the intricacies of how the pageants are held, what counts to be the winner, why being groomed is important, etc. With the help of pageant training aspirants can:

  •         Develop important skills
  •         Build their positive personality
  •         How to be social and make friends
  •         How to accept winning and losing
  •         Learning to be comfortable onstage
  •         Overcoming stage fear
  •         Present oneself on stage



At The Tatwa, we train pageant aspirants with a goal for them to achieve their dreams. Aspirants being trained by us have won various titles at the national, domestic, and international levels. We are brimming with pride as in 2021 our successful training have made the clients win the titles of 'Mrs. South India I am powerful' in Bangalore Event And 'Mrs. India I’m Powerful World' and the 'Best Personality' National level event in Jaipur. To win a pageant, excellent speaking and communication skills are as important as style, colour analysis, etiquettes, dressing, and more. Having an excellent track record of training the aspirants, here are a few skills we exclusively train on:

  •         Stage presence
  •         Public speaking
  •         Speaking proficiently
  •         How to answer questions confidently put forth by the judges
  •         Mock pageant sessions
  •         How to handle the pressure on stage
  •         Answering impromptu questions either in public or personally

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