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Soft Skills

Did you know that not possessing soft skills has affected the productivity of companies? According to the Wall Street Journal survey; 92% of executives say that soft skills are equally important or more important than technical skills. Due to a lack of soft skills like communication, problem-solving, decision making, teamwork, etc., it is increasingly becoming arduous for companies across the globe to narrow down the right applicants. Having the right blend of soft skills plays a major role in the success of the business as it enhances the work prowess of employees and creates a positive impact on the career. Soft skills are also transferrable irrespective of the job profile as you may possess most of them mentioned in the profile. Be more productive and create an impact by developing the right set of skills.


Leadership is a unique and the most versatile quality that maybe a possessed trait, needs to be inherited or developed overtime. Envision that you are...

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Transactional Analysis (TA) is a theory researched and developed by Dr. Eric Berne that relates to an individual’s psychology in terms of interactio...

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Negotiations play a very important role in personal and professional life. Negotiations help in resolving conflicts, negotiating your salary, negotiat...

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You want to be the best in an interview, want to effectively convince your clients, be a good orator at school or college, want to ace the speaking co...

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Stress, conflicts, not being able to communicate the right way, overcoming challenges is some of the major challenge faced by individuals today. An ef...

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The most destructive quality in a person is anger, that if not channeled in the right way leads to frustration, health issues, and a complete personal...

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Do I have the right gestures while talking, is my tone right, Am I standing properly, is my sitting position fine? These are all a few apprehensions w...

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For any team to work collaboratively and in a cohort, it is important to have an excellent team leader or team-building skills. Suppose a team is work...

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How can you make a clear judgment of facts? How can you connect varied ideas? Critical thinking is one such skill that involves effective communicatio...

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Faculty development is the process of professional development of educators, researchers, administrators, and augmenting organizational capacities and...

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As the saying goes “You never get a second chance to create a first impression” holds true, as it is an instinct that can be framed instantly with...

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The Prevention, Prohibition of Redressal Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act was implemented by the Government of India to take necessary preventive measures...

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Public speaking is a vital communication skill that can be developed with the power of interaction, enthusiasm, and engagement with the audience you w...

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It so happens that sometimes you have dreams and set goals, but are unsure or not confident in achieving them. As a professional, you know what is you...

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