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The way we present ourselves, how we communicate and what we communicate is what makes us successful. To achieve this, it is very important to reflect on ourselves, our image, communication, our perceptions and make a conscious effort in improving ourselves from within and outside to build better relationships and gain success. Image management is a course that helps us introspect and improve our image and how others will identify and respond.


Image management revolves around you, your constant efforts in evaluating, understanding, and enhancing your image. From the clothes, you wear to the colours you select, your appearance, the way you speak, the way you carry yourself impacts and makes a difference in achieving your dreams. Image management is the catalyst, for success for a student, individual, professional, homemaker, celebrity, leader, or top official. It goes hand in hand with personal branding that portrays the true value of a brand or a person. The personal attributes that impact the image of a person are:

First impression

The first impression is the best impression that happens in nanoseconds and creates a long-lasting effect on the people with whom you connect. First impressions play a vital role in taking important decisions and achieving your goals in personal and professional life. The first impression can be created through clothing, grooming, right gestures, postures, vocal tone, communication, colour analysis, body language, etc.


Our self-image is formed majorly through experiences from childhood based on the interpretation of family members, parents, friends, teachers, and society at large. Our emotions, reactions, confidence, actions are developed from this image.

Body image

Body image is the emotional attitude and perception of our own body. We like or hate the way we look based on our weight, height, shape, etc. A positive body image makes a person strong and helps in better caring for the body. A negative body image suppresses a person that makes them weak and leads to bad eating disorders. It’s a perception of one’s physical self, feelings and thoughts.

 Self Esteem

Self-esteem is a personal attribute that explains personal worth and value. It is a quality that tells how you think about yourself, your feelings, your perception of how others think about you, your reactions. The better your self-image, the better will be your self-esteem. Good self-esteem leads to better confidence and acceptance. Low self-esteem negatively impacts your confidence and worth.

Self Confidence

Self-confidence is the way you feel about yourself, your beliefs, trust, and reliance. Having self-confidence helps in better controlling of life and to see things positively in your life. Appearance plays a major role in boosting your self-confidence and this can be achieved by grooming, clothing, communicating, and creating a first impression.


Self-actualization is achieved upon the actual realization of one’s potential completely, growth of abilities, and valuing life to the whole. This can be achieved when a person’s fundamental requirements physical and mental are completely met.


Retrospect on the question that have you achieved your goals? Goals are the desires of humankind that need to be fulfilled within a period. Our goals sometimes remain as a dream because of our thoughts and conditioning in our lives. The transformation of fulfillment happens when we have a feel-good factor about ourselves that depends on self-image, confidence, self-esteem, etc.


Image management is one of the esteemed, promising, and valuable courses that is required for the personal and professional growth of people from varied walks of life. Ramya Sidharth, the Founder of Tatwa is a professional certified image consultant who believes that appearance is the core of a person’s image, she works on the holistic image of an individual ranging from style analysis, image development, colour analysis, wardrobe, photoshoots, etiquettes related to the person’s interest, personal and digital branding. Under her aegis, clients have successfully achieved their goals by chiseling their attributes like the first impression, body language, and communication. Our experts work on the complete transformation of personal branding that leads to the path of success. Our specialties include:

  • Personalized and customized training
  • Developing personal style and image
  • Body analysis and what fits you right
  • A thorough analysis of colours
  • Wardrobe suggestions and management
  • Corporate training for employees to boost the company image
  • Training as per the gender styles
  • Communication training
  • Health and Wellness training

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