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Transactional Analysis (TA) is a theory researched and developed by Dr. Eric Berne that relates to an individual’s psychology in terms of interactions and relationships. Humans possess different behavioural and interaction patterns that can be either inherited, possessed in the present, or inborn, or learnt in childhood. These are referred to as Ego States that include parent, child and adult. Each individual communicates and behaves in terms of relationships, work, etc. and with transactional analysis they can aim towards the betterment of the complete aspects of life.


Through transactional analysis, our focus is to analyse the way each individual communicates and identify what needs to be improved for better communication. We use various unique concepts, tools, examples that helps in developing problem-solving capabilities and creative solutions so that our clients live a life of their choice and not that of others. Through our exciting sessions:

  • We promote personal growth
  • Enhance skills that is applicable to all the areas of life
  • Develop problem solving capabilities, creative thinking and out of the box solutions
  • Improve your behaviour and relationships
  • Have a strong hold on your mind and control your thoughts
  • Eliminate negative thoughts, feelings and infuse positive actions
  • Helps you in efficient and effective communication.




At The Tatwa, our programmes are designed based on thorough research and understanding of the skills. We are a successful soft skill training and image management company catering to the requirements of an individual, professional, corporates, pageant aspirants and students. Our sessions are for people who have the drive and dedication to become their best self. With transactional analysis sessions we help you realize who you are today, who you have become and how you associate with others.

We conduct:

  • Online and offline sessions
  • Our trainings are for organisations, individuals, educational institutions and pageant aspirants
  • Our team are certified professionals with immense experience
  • We conduct on-premises sessions as well
  • We understand the requirements of each individual or company adnd customize sessions accordingly.

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