The Prevention, Prohibition of Redressal Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act was implemented by the Government of India to take necessary preventive measures at the workplace for the women employees to be safe and secured. Many of the organizations due to lack of awareness about this Act fail to comply with it. Companies need to take Diversity and Inclusion initiatives that balance gender equality. As women are a major employment resource today, with Gender sensitization, a balance is created in companies to make them secure and gain the required recognition.


POSH training enables organizations to enhance the knowledge and awareness as to how prevention measures can be taken and generate equal status and opportunities to the male and female workforce. With the increasing sexual harassment at the workplace, POSH training has gained momentum irrespective of the size of the organization. A few benefits of POSH training are:

  • Creates awareness among both the genders on everything about sexual harassment
  • Reduces the sexual harassment cases and enhances the productivity of the employees
  • Women are looked upon equally and are given due respect
  • Companies are saved from legal hurdles of harassment thereby maintaining their reputation
  • The morale of the employees is increased that positively impacts the quality of work.


We are certified trainers for the prevention of sexual harassment (POSH) Act, Diversity and Inclusion, and Gender Sensitization. We have offered training to several corporates and organizations to create awareness of the program. We offer virtual as well as on-site training by conducting workshops, seminars, and webinars. We conduct training customized as per the nature and size of the organization. What is in for the organization in the training sessions:

  • Expert and POSH certified trainers
  • Interactive sessions for the employees to speak up and share their experiences
  • Gender-neutral training irrespective of the positions of the employees
  • Understanding gender-related issues and the challenges faced at the workplace
  • Why the need for a gender-equal workplace?
  • Importance of Diversity, Inclusion, Gender sensitization, and POSH training to boost the productivity of the company
  • Understanding of the POSH Act rules and regulations.

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