Create your extraordinary presence
with body language rather than words.


Do I have the right gestures while talking, is my tone right, Am I standing properly, is my sitting position fine? These are all a few apprehensions we have while in a meeting, or talking to a client, or in a high-profile event. Acquiring body language skills is vital for professionals, students, pageant aspirants, or any individual to improve their gestures, postures, movements, and communication.


Suppose you are well prepared for your presentation and the team is not happy with the way you have presented. How will you feel? Demotivated right! Even if your words don’t speak much, your attitude, gestures, tone, movements, etc. bring success to whatever you do. Body language is non-verbal communication that guides you in comprehending what a person is saying and how impactful are your non-verbal cues and signs. Body language is a powerful skill:

  • To strengthen your communication
  • Understanding the reaction of others who are listening to us
  • Interprets a person’s emotions
  • Analyzing the postures, gestures, and movements of a person
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Creating a long-lasting impression


The body language of an individual is one of the key deciding factors about understanding what another person has to say. This decision is taken based on their emotions, gestures, feelings, posture, etc. According to Prof. Mehrabian of the University of California in Los Angeles; words, tone of voice, and body language respectively account for 7%, 38%, and 55% of personal communication. Our experts analyze the overall communication pattern of the clients and identify their difficulties in the areas of non-verbal communication. Through our interactive and dedicated sessions, we prepare them to handle real-world situations be it interacting on a public platform, aspiring to be a winner, dealing with clients, talking to colleagues and heads of your workplace, presentations, online meetings, and more. Your learnings include:

  • How to position and style yourself for the world of business
  • Present yourself with confidence anywhere
  • How to maintain eye level contact
  • Learn the various types of gestures, postures, tone of speaking, and emotions
  • Methods to keep up your energy levels
  • How to build a positive attitude
  • How to negotiate with body language skills
  • How to complement words with the right kind of body language
  • How to create the first and everlasting impression

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