Your behavior and mannerisms define your stage success!


Etiquette is a set of rules that needs to be implied when you are talking, eating, dealing with clients, team members, or even traveling. It is a way of showing your good mannerism skills like being polite, warm, and friendly that defines your sophistication and integrity. Some important benefits of etiquette:

  • Increases level of confidence
  • Makes us feel comfortable and learn the culture
  • Improves our behaviour and mannerisms
  • Understand the emotions of others and how to display our behaviour accordingly





You would have been an excellent performer on stage for dramatics, dance, singing, debate competitions in your school or college days, but have you ever understood how behaviour and mannerisms can affect your stage performances or shows? There is certain stage etiquette that needs to be understood and followed when on stage. Our dynamic trainers teach pageant aspirants the behaviour and mannerisms to be followed on stage during performances, auditions, rehearsals, and a run-through of the main event. Here are a few stage etiquettes to be followed:

  • Respect the people because of whom you are here
  • Avoid distractions while on stage
  • Like how the first impression is the best, entering the stage without talking creates the best impression
  • The outfits to wear on stage
  • How to be positive and confident during the performances



Manners reflect your virtues!


When in an event, high profile get-together, business meeting, professionals or individuals are always apprehensive as to, is this the right way of eating? Am I holding the spoon right, do I need to wait to start eating, is this the right glass chosen to have a drink? This is just frustrating. So, to ease tensions and frustrations, our experts train individuals, professionals, aspirants dining etiquettes or like:

  • Let the host lead you
  • How to use the napkins
  • The right utensils to be used
  • Greet before starting the food
  • What food to start with
  • Table manners
  • Your body gestures
  • When to start eating
  • Polite ways to ask for additions of food or utensils
  • Respect and thank the host and waiters/managers


At Tatwa, a prolific soft skill and image management company, our clients are taught the importance of etiquette and we train them with business, dining, stage, communication, and other etiquettes related to their profession.

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