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College Programme

India being a developing country has the highest youth workforce as compared to the developed nations. So why are most of the youngsters not employed? Recent studies show that employers found just about 25% of Indian graduates are ‘employable’ in the organized sector. Skills are one of the major reasons that hit the employees today and especially the young generation. Identifying the areas, the students need polishing and developing their skills at the root levels of education especially during their under graduation will go a long way to make them successful in life and career. They should be groomed with skills like leadership, entrepreneurship, communication, self-grooming, etc to be more confident and future-ready to face the emerging challenges in employment and personal life.




Students today are highly career oriented and at the college level start their search on which career to choose. With varied options available, it bec...

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Interviews are the gateway to getting a job. Facing an interview for the first maybe a difficult situation and a tensed moment for any candidate, espe...

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Grooming is taking care of yourself, maintaining body hygiene that ultimately makes you feel good. It is a way to boost your self-esteem and confidenc...

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Communication is a key skill in the business world and business etiquette is an attribute that is all about interacting with clients, team members, co...

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Presentations are the best way to project, convey or deliver your thoughts, ideas, skills to the people you want to reach out. Presentation skills sho...

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