Having your personal style depicts your character and value.

How colours can define your personal style and branding?

Being authentic and natural is the first element of a personal style and it makes you comfortable and connects with the right kind of audience. Your personal style is what enhances your brand and uniqueness. To define your personal style your wardrobe needs to be perfect to make you confident with the choice of colours, clothing, footwear, etc.

An insight into choosing colours

Let’s get deeper into the colours depicting your personal style. Have you ever wondered why you keep choosing the same colours? It might be because it is your favourite colour, or you are comfortable only with the particular colours which may be only pastel or deep shades. Imagine a wardrobe and the predominant colours. Is it all black, blue, red, or green?

Now the question is why? 

Colours signify our personality, the patterns we choose also tell a story about who we are.

To understand the personal style, we need to understand some concepts. According to Hindu mythology the right side of a human body produces masculine energy and the left side the feminine energy. The right side is considered as the giver and the left side is the receiver.

These strengths are personified under the personal style of Judith Rasband with the Yin and Yang Chinese symbols. Yin is the feminine and is like the moon gentle, softer, and Yang is the masculine that is harder and lighter.


Colours are very important in setting up your perfect wardrobe. Unknowingly we choose colours that talk a lot about who we are, how we dress, choosing colours based on our skin colour, etc. The colours we select often reflect our character whether we are reserved, fun-loving, authoritative, friendly, or dramatic. Ultimately, the colours we choose should be on par with our personal choices, how you feel, and last but not least should make you confident in what you wear.


What do different colours symbolize?


To develop yourself personally or as a brand, it’s very important to create the first impression. Your looks communicate who you are to the world. What you wear and your appearance impacts your behaviour, feelings, thinking, and how you respond to others. Top industry leaders or the company heads, political leaders, or any celebrity have their style of dressing and colour preferences. Different kind of job roles also demands a professional outlook. Choosing the right colours matters the most.


Did you know that different colours portray different characteristics? Let’s look into it:

  • Black is for sophistication, style, and elegance.
  • Blue is for positivity, peace, relax.
  • Grey is for neutral and balance.
  • Purple is for richness, royal, and artistic.
  • Pink is for youthful, jovial, and energetic.
  • Yellow is for radiant, gleeful, and energetic.
  • Red is for bold, intense, and passion.
  • Green is for natural, healing, and calmness.
  • Brown is reliable and authentic.


 Importance of colours


Be it a brand or any personality, colours used in clothing, logos, or websites are what attract the customers and make you or your brand popular. Do you or your brand stand out among the competitors, be it in ranking, marketing, sales, etc? Colour is said to be a dynamic tool for marketing analysis. In marketing and sales if you want to attract clients it’s important to be dressed in professionally the right coloured outfits. For example: If you are in sales and need to build rapport with customers, they may not open up if you are dressed up in black. Sales and marketing being an important segment of a company, the right kind of colours in your outfits give you as well as the customers the confidence in your product or service. Usually, sales personals should go for light and pastel shade.

Similarly, top brands also choose their brand colours wisely that reflect the importance of their products and services.


Top brands and their choice of colours


Let’s look into a few brands and their colour combinations that make them stand out amongst the crowd:

Call to action is usually done in red colour as it creates a sense of urgency and hence it is best used in the selling of products. Also, popular brands like CNN, C Net, Netflix have their logos in red colour.

Popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have the soft colour of blue and a touch of white that makes it look more professional.

Green, the environment-friendly colour has become a popular hue as it signifies prosperity and a connection with nature. Popular brands adding the solace of this colour are Animal Planet, Star Bucks, Holiday Inn, and more.

Luxury and fashion brands like Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Louis Vuitton and more add sophistication and elegance with black coloured logos that bring out the depth of the brands.

Popular brands like Apple, Samsung, WordPress, Nissan have gone the mix way of silver and black that projects the modernity and innovation of the brands.


Colours and combinations that depict a personality


Some colours like maroon, black, olive green, dark blue, muted colours make you look mature and serious, and you can be classified as classic.

Do you love using colours with a lot of contrast like red-black, green-blue? These deep colour combinations symbolize the sporting of the dramatic style. 

If you are the romantic kind of a person then you would love red, pink, small prints, lacework.


Personal style is a part of your branding


Now as you are aware of the various traits’ colours display in us, choose the right colours that bring out the best in you and your business. You should try out various combinations and then narrow down your choice of colours that builds your true identity, your beliefs, and the strength that resonates in your dressing and body language.


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